Last Tango in York

Last Tango in York

No time to breathe, pulse racing

mind still dressing, heart pounding

She glides into place, elegant, waiting

I catch my breath and take my place.

I have nothing to prove, no one to impress

so why does my heart swell, why do I care?

She makes me graceful, I feel like a star

feet move, try to keep up, don’t break the spell

Halfway comes, we stand in place

my hands on hers, and hers on mine

there is no resistance, is this what it feels like?


In my head this is practiced, planned and perfect

every step, every turn, every pose.

My heart however sees so much more

the role of a lifetime in less than two minutes.

The clock strikes midnight and the spell is over

I turn and go leaving her there, the last time.

This is not love nor lust nor anything named

For me, forever, this was my moment.