Still just Me.

Roughly 18 years ago I did something that changed my life, it was a turning point for me in so many ways and it has continued to shape my life since… and although you may be thinking “Oh that’s when you met your Wife” you would be wrong, meeting Megan tops this one by a long shot but it is still significant.

Shortly after meeting my now wife for the first time I was driving a friend back to his house and I was telling him all about my trip, I told him how we had a huge argument about something and it was almost the end of our relationship. He asked me what was so bad that caused the argument…. my reply was “I told her I’m Bisexual”. My friends mouth fell open, “You?” he said, you see up until that point no one knew that I was Bi (with the exception of my now wife) and the impression I had given everyone was that I was very much the lover of the female form, and quite vocal about it LOL.

But that wasn’t the bit that changed my life really, it was what happened next. My friend told me he was Gay, right there in the car… he had never told anyone else, I was the first and I said “That’s cool”.

Doesn’t seem like much typed out when I think about it, but looking back on it I see it asa pivotal moment, I came out and allowed my friend to come out. Not only did I realize that I could now be open and honest with him… but that they could do the same with me.

I wouldn’t say I have made a big deal about being Bi, I’m sure my Mum knows even though I have never said (mums are like that), those who know me well enough I think are aware, those who don’t know me that well probably won’t be that shocked either. What does this mean to anyone who was unaware, Nothing! nothing at all… I’m exactly the same person, still madly in love with my Wife and Kids… still mad about Dr. Who and Sci-Fi.