My Big Boss Kitty, there are no words
that can truly tell how I will miss you, you came into our
lives as suddenly as you left but now there is
a hole where there was none before.

You were my Snuggle cat, my Needy kitty
and although I sometimes shunned your attention
it is what I will miss the most.

You bought a love into my life that I was never expecting,
a bond I never thought I would share with a cat.
You taught me otherwise, the way you would snuggle on me
at the end of my work day, rub against my leg to greet me,
and steal a head rub from my still hand.

You are one of the smartest, kindest creatures I have met.
your brothers will miss you as much as I, but you have taught
them well and they have been there for me in your absence.

Thank you my friend for all you have done for me,
thank you for being the Big Boss Kitty for your family
and for bringing Chuck to us and although he
has assumed your position as head snuggler
I feel that you bought him to us for that reason and
that in some way you have asked him to take care
of me till we meet again.

We all miss you Grey Dog but know that
someday we will meet again and snuggle.

Goodbye my friend.