It is a strange world.

This week I hit bottom…. a funk so low it was unbearable, unfortunately (or fortunately) there were things to be done… a podcast, work, soccer practice… and the world hasn’t gotten around to accepting depression as a valid excuse for not showing up.

Part of this leads me to my 2nd point, the reason why it’s not accepted is that to most people depression is just seen as a bad mood, a simple “Chin Up”, “Snap out of it” is all you really need. In a way I can’t blame them… unless you’ve been there… it hard to know what to do.

The reason I bring this up is that I finally found someone who could actually talk me out of my funk, not a psychologist… not a Doctor, and not from that warm fuzzy person with the outgoing disposition that everyone seems to have somewhere in their lives.

It came from someone in the same position as myself… we talked for over an hour, discussing our moods, swapping stories… and raising each others spirits. The experience was enlightening to say the least, I hadn’t even considered that what I really needed was to talk to someone not only who had experienced depression… but who was in a funk at the time.

Thank you… your a life saver 🙂



  1. Awww 🙂

  2. I’ve been there, too. During my first three years at University, I fell deeper and deeper into a rather bleak and damning depression. I could find no escape from it, and I let things get away from me (coursework, my writings (novel, poetry, short stories), my podcast, and my webcomics).

    It was only because of close friends of mine that I finally managed to conquer that depression. A close friend of mine that I met in my last year of high school, nicknamed Icky, helped me the most. She was always there for me; though she couldn’t be there in person (she was at a different college), we talked via AIM, and met up on the weekends whenever possible. She loves me, and I her, and that bond was proven whenever I, through my depression, tried to push her away, she never forsook me. I didn’t realize how much I was hurting her until it was almost too late. Then I saw what my depression was doing to my life. She was just about to give up on me, and that was what brought me to my senses. I changed my life, started looking to the positive, reminding myself of the good in my life, and that did it. I was starting to overcome my depression.

    Then I met someone else, named Erica. This was after Icky went on with her life, became involved in things in other places, and we didn’t talk as much, sadly. I became very close friends with Erica, who is a beloved friend. She understood me, and was always in a good mood. I put the last vestiges of my depression behind me then.

    Then there was Tilly. Years ago, when we started talking on GTalk, I helped her through a problem she was dealing with. The fact that I was able to help her beat her problem made me feel even better, even more useful. And now….well, you know of Tilly and me. 🙂

    So it is that the three of them: Icky, Erica, and Tilly, are the three who helped me defeat my depression. I am thankful for all three of them.

    Just thought I’d share the story of how I beat my own depression, Ian.

    • Thank you for sharing it… the positive thing I have found is the people who are there… have been there. Nothing beats friends 🙂

      And thanks to you guys for all your support over the past week


  3. inside my depression tool kit is:
    1. change of scenary.
    2. dance music. latin music. happy music.
    3. a friend to talk too that says, “yeah. i have that too. what i do is….”
    4. excersize.
    5. a menu with food that does not shoot me around like a ping-pong-ball. in other words, low sugar, little caffiene, lots of fresh fruit and vegies.

    having a friend to talk with that can relate is like the magic bullet.


  4. Hi Ian,

    I’m always there for a chat with you athough I realise my ‘troubles’ are a long time in the past and I do drive you to drink.

    But at least I can listen.

    Cheers, Dave

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